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Unlocking the Value of SharePoint for the AEC

Join ProjectReady as we showcase how to unlock the value of SharePoint and Office 365 for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction).

SharePoint is everywhere and over 92% of companies already own it. But whether you own it or not, most companies in the AEC have yet to unlock the value of SharePoint to their firms. With built-in features such as versioning, secure access, free distribution of content to external users and the recent support of DWG’s; SharePoint in the cloud has more untapped value than ever. ProjectReady takes that value and puts it to work for the AEC.

During this webcast see how ProjectReady drives value to SharePoint and adds the features you need for your AEC projects:

  • Reduce Administrative Overhead
    • Automate the creation and provisioning of SharePoint sites in conjunction with BIM 360 and Box
    • Built-In security matrix that maintains security and governance of teams & roles
    • Securely invite users to the project with Azure Active Directory
  • Connects content and systems across the Enterprise
    • Document management systems
      • SharePoint
      • Autodesk BIM 360
      • Box
    • Bluebeam
    • Accounting Systems
    • ERP Systems
  • Scalability and Governance
    • Built in Azure with a guarantee of 99.9% availability
    • Automated taxonomy
    • Automated, audited, configurable governance and security

ProjectReady transforms SharePoint to be a meaningful hub to store and collaborate on content as part of a project’s execution. By eliminating routine tasks and administrative overhead to drive ROI, ProjectReady transforms SharePoint core feature set to be a vital part of your project.

We hope you can join us to see how.

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