Webcast: Connecting the Cloud for the AEC
Procore and ProjectReady

Date: 04-29-2020
Time: 1:00pm-1:45pm EST
Location: Your Computer
Registration URL: http://bit.ly/pr-procore

Event Description

Connecting people to projects across systems and companies

Join ProjectReady for a complimentary webcast demonstration and see how you can deliver a seamless, cross-platform connection across Procore and SharePoint, automate that connection, and standardize your team’s workflows to maximize efficiency and minimize risk.

We will explore how the connection of people to projects to systems and companies boils down to interoperability. To deliver one project across systems, there are certain challenges that keep that vision from being realized. Driving that unity relies greatly on how you build that initial connection and join individuals, companies, and systems together, how you govern and secure their workflow, and how you manage their content across phases and actors in a project’s lifecycle.

During this webcast see how ProjectReady drives significant value to your team and Procore through interoperability across systems:

  • Single Sign-On across platforms
  • Document Control, distribution, tracking & approval of content across Procore, SharePoint and additional platforms
  • Synchronization of data across Procore & SharePoint ensuring you always are in full control of your data both during the project and after project close out
  • Dashboard’s that keep you informed on tasks across platforms from one central location
  • Built in the cloud with a modern, seamless user experience
  • Connected by workflow for how people work

We hope you can join us.