Owners pay all the bills and take on all the risk in the projects they commission but have the least visibility and control of the content and services they paid for.

Own the Content You Paid For

A project team will create volumes of content and information throughout the project, so why should you wait until the end of the project to recieve it? ProjectReady helps to reduce your risk and increase your control with a live file sync between your SharePoint and some the most popular construction platforms, including BIM 360 and Procore.

The Challenge

A way to get real-time information from constructability and design experts, across the vendors you hire. From planning to close out, manage risk and ensure full ownership of all the content you own.

The Solution

One place to automatically view, manage, and store the content, regardless of vendor or phase. Managed communications and approval of content, even at the earliest stage of the project.

The Result

ProjectReady establishes a secured communication and collaboration platform across phases and the companies that work for you, providing real-time information and automatic synchronization of your content throughout the project.

Create a Collaboration Workplace Dedicated to the Project

  • Repeatable standards to grow your idea into a project
  • Automate the project's close out
  • Create a single place for your entire team to work
  • Connect required systems as the project matures
  • Keep content and communication in context

Unify and Secure Company Collateral

  • Role-based security automated across systems
  • Vendor-specific repositories governed throughout
  • Structured workflows via intelligent wizards
  • Real-time synchronization of content from BIM 360 and Procore to SharePoint, as the place of record

Report Across Projects, Phases, and Platforms

  • Rich reporting powered by Microsoft Power BI
  • Reflects actionable data from connected systems
  • Comprehensive visuals to indicate KPIs and project health