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New Features and Solutions driving business value to the AEC

ProjectReady™ is proud to announce new product features and updates with our latest solution release. Being a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product means we are continuously developing new ways to enhance the value and ease of use of our applications. Below is a list of new updates now available with the product.

User Experience Enhancements & New FeaturesAssign Tasks from Outlook

Assign Tasks Directly from Outlook
ProjectReady Microsoft Outlook Connector
ProjectReady makes email ACTIONABLE.  Project Managers can now turn emails into easily assigned tasks from inside Microsoft Outlook directly to the Project Site. This creates a seamless user experience and drives our built in reports that make email data visible and easily to manage across projects.

SQL Connector – Easy Integration of Line of Business Data
ProjectReady Collaboration Engine
The ProjectReady SQL Connector allows you to integrate any data from your systems that use a SQL database with seamless synchronization. This includes systems such as CRM, Deltek and Microsoft AX. Just simply connect your database to the SQL connector and regardless of changes you make on your backend, your experience with ProjectReady will stay the same ensuring business continuity and seamless data integration.Resubmit

Easily Resubmit Document Control Communications
ProjectReady Document Control Suite
Forgot to add a document or an approver to your Transmittal, Submittal or RFI? Now with ProjectReady, just easily resubmit with the added information with no need to restart the process generating enormous time savings.

Pull Content From Any Library in the System
ProjectReady Document Control Suite
Pull content from ALL of your content libraries to be used in your Transmittals, Submittals and RFI’s. This means that no Any Content Librarymatter where your content resides, you can easily reach, add and submit it with our document control suite.

Brand Your ProjectReady – Built for the Way You Work
ProjectReady Bundle
ProjectReady now supports custom branding of the ProjectReady solution. This includes options to easily tailor the color & terminology used throughout the system to fit the specific needs of your organization. This helps ensure an enhanced user experience and smoother transitioning for your team to the system.

For the IT Professional

Support for Multiple Site Collection in SharePoint
ProjectReady Bundle
ProjectReady now supports Multiple Site Collections in SharePoint. This eliminates any concern of site size limitations allowing customers to seamlessly use the system across multiple site collections while maintaining one user experience throughout the system.

Full Support for On-Premise SharePoint 2013 and Above
ProjectReady Bundle
Not ready to move to the cloud? ProjectReady™ offers full support for on-premises SharePoint environments of versions 2013 and above. Get the same great user experience as our cloud application now on-premises or in hybrid setups.

ProjectReady Configuration Tools
ProjectReady Bundle
ProjectReady’s Configuration tools deliver over 60 data points for your IT professionals to easily control and manage your ProjectReady solution and setup. This includes the ability to easily set:

  • The schedule for your project data to be refreshed and crawled
  • Line of business integration and external data sources
  • Default due date for Document Control Communications
  • Automatic Metadata for project information
  • Display names for numerous fields throughout the system


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