Reduce your administrative overhead

Automate the creation and management of secure access to where people work and get more value from what you already own.

Get More Value From Systems You Already Own

In the AEC, IT has the unique challenge of supporting a project’s demands across multiple systems, managing security and governance for team members inside and outside their organization, and have to maintain control of the project’s content. ProjectReady eliminates routine IT project administration – automating the provisioning, security and governance, and provides one place for all your team’s project management and communication needs. 

The Challenge

Supporting the multiple systems a project requires, from provisioning workplaces, to ongoing security and governance, across companies and across a projects phases.

The Solution

A system that automates routine IT administration, and empowers end-users to create, connect and secure the places where content is created and to provide one place for a team’s project management and communication needs.


The Result

Fill out a form, and in 3 steps and five minutes ProjectReady creates, connects and centrally manages security across Microsoft SharePoint and Teams, Autodesk BIM 360 – governing security across platforms by simply adding and removing members of team, regardless of the company they work for.


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