The Power of Connection

Connected Platforms

Process Over Platform

ProjectReady drives process over platform from the start allowing Project Managers to connect people and information across companies and systems, automatically, in the single context of the project. Simple wizards and workflows connect project data systems, manage security of a team that work for different companies – facilitating security, governance, communications and collaboration. That’s what makes us different.

Connect critical data in your accounting systems, automate the creation of the spaces you need to work in, reduce IT administration overhead by 95%, and in under 5 minutes, your project is ready so you can get to work.

Automated Governance

With ProjectReady a user’s access & rights are centrally managed based on their role providing cross functional management of security across our own solution, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, & BIM 360. Secure access & governance across platforms in a project are managed for you as team members are added & removed over a project’s lifecycle; ensuring each user has appropriate & immediate access to everything they need. Relieving IT of this overhead is core to the incredible ROI we provide, reducing risk & allowing project managers to drive the process.


  • Build, secure & connect SharePoint & Microsoft Teams for your project in under five minutes
  • In SharePoint select from one or many templates & security, down to the library, is automatically applied and updated
  • ProjectReady is directly embedded in Microsoft Teams
  • SharePoint’s licensing means outside contributors can access & review content for free
  • Automatically synchronize data from Autodesk BIM 360 to SharePoint
  • Your data is in your Azure SQL & custom reporting is simple with Power BI


  • Build & secure Autodesk BIM 360 & PlanGrid for your project in under five minutes
  • Connect content from BIM 360 & connected systems (SharePoint, Box & Procore) to create, distribute & track document control workflows
  • Deliver cross platform security: Set the Role in ProjectReady & security & governance are updated in Autodesk BIM 360
  • Real time synchronization of content from Autodesk BIM 360 to SharePoint
  • With ProjectReady’s connected views on project home, view & take action on issues in Autodesk BIM 360 & Issues & RFI’s in PlanGrid
  • Automate the creation of tasks from Autodesk & centrally manage the project in ProjectReady
  • Answer & respond from either system; its automatically logged in Azure SQL


  • Connect content from Procore & connected systems (SharePoint, Box & BIM 360) to create, distribute & track document control workflows
  • Real time synchronization of content from Procore to SharePoint
  • With ProjectReady’s connected views on project home, view & take action on Procore Submittals & RFI’s
  • Automate the creation of tasks from Procore & centrally manage the project in ProjectReady
  • Answer & respond from either system; its automatically logged in Azure SQL


  • ProjectReady seamlessly integrates Bluebeam to DCNext’s Content for Review workflow
  • Create ad hoc Bluebeam Studio Sessions with content stored & saved directly back in SharePoint


  • Automatically create & connect Box to your project in under five minutes & automate its connection to the different platforms being used on your project
  • Connect content from Box & connected systems (SharePoint, Procore & BIM 360) to create, distribute & track document control workflows

Connected Workflows

Connected Workflows

AEC/O projects by their nature require integrated, multidiscipline workflows for design, fabrication, construction & facility operation. These multi-disciplinary teams therefore need a way to securely communicate, collaborate & deliver projects in spite of using various role-based software tools.

An easy, intuitive user experience ties these systems together in a way that allows users to get things done in an efficient & effective way. ProjectReady is the connective tissue that securely connects multiple systems with workflows to bring process over platform.

Document Control

Connecting information means you have to connect people. ProjectReady’s document control suite, DCNext was designed with that in mind. Connecting content from the start. Bridging technology only has value if you can build a bridge to the people collaborating on content that is simple, intuitive & easy to use.

Our content cart works just like a shopping cart where users add content across platforms to a cart, assign to team members, & check out.  Repeatable standards driven by a known user experience is the key to bridging process to technology. DCNext automates auditing, reduces the time spent on Document Control by 76% & ultimately reduces the risk of potential litigation and claims.

Connecting Email

Email is a critical component of project information and that is not going away anytime soon, neither is the need to manage it.

Drop and drag and group emails

When ProjectReady builds your project, the project group email is set up and ready to go.  Just select emails from outlook and simply drag into the project email box.  ProjectReady’s search means you can find it.

Connecting Workflows

Connected workflows mean one simple, repeatable standard, wherever content comes from.
ProjectReady’s Email Workflow Connectors maintain repeatable standards and processes with the same user experience to manage.

  • Manage inbound RFI’s
  • Change Orders
  • Create tasks for follow ups on specific emails


With ProjectReady, surface workflows from connected systems to ensure everything you need to know & do on a project is in context & at your fingertips.

  • Find & answer Issues in Autodesk
  • Find & answer Submittals & RFI’s in Procore
  • Find & answer Issues & RFI’s in PlanGrid
  • Answer & respond from either system, its automatically logged in Azure SQL

Connected Views

Connected Views

We provide an integrated data environment (IDE) that gives users a single view across the project. With connected workflows across SharePoint, BIM 360, Procore, PlanGrid, Box and Bluebeam, ProjectReady creates a cross-company communication and collaboration platform unifying project content, project health visibility and Document Control workflows across the industry’s most popular systems in a single pane of glass increasing control of the project, lowering costs and reducing risk.

Project Management

The management of one project requires there is one way to understand and manage tasks across the project’s lifecycle – from who you work with to where that task originates. Integrated with the tools an extended team must use but always in your control. Establish guidelines for the storage, distribution, and approval of content, the collaboration efforts of your team, and make sure your team knows what to do in one place, from inception to project turn over.


  • Surface actionable information across platforms including BIM360 Issues, Procore Submittals/RFIs and PlanGrid Submittals/RFIs on our Project Home dashboard
  • Schedule and connect tasks to content and document control
  • Automated security and governance across platforms
  • Powerful, comprehensive reporting on everything going on in your project

Comprehensive Dashboards

ProjectReady is built & designed for how people think & work. Many solutions connect data & systems, but you need to connect people to that information.
ProjectReady’s Project Home dashboard surfaces key information across all the activities & different platforms used on a project:

  • Tasks across systems
  • Project Financial Information
  • View and manage project tasks from ProjectReady, Autodesk BIM 360 and PlanGrid & Procore
  • From ProjectReady’s own native reporting to Microsoft PowerBI the information you need and can make sense of — thru connection


With ProjectReady, project communication is easy. From anywhere in the system, you’re always a click away from your team allowing you to email, call or schedule meetings and ensure that communication is always in the context of the project you’re working on.

ProjectReady’s powerful integration with Microsoft Teams brings project communications to a whole new level. By programmatically creating a team during project setup, ProjectReady creates a project centric communication environment with the tools your team needs to collaborate (video conference, chat, access to connected systems, etc.) and a secure framework that captures it all within the project record for easy search and auditability.


At the end of the day, process over platform means, meaningful search. ProjectReady’s ability to connect platforms, workflows & information across platforms, means search is driven by the context of what you do on a project. Context, makes search intuitive, efficient & untaps the real value of information – it’s an informed request. With every action captured, when searching within ProjectReady, from emails to tasks & document control activities, you can easily make sense of the information across all your connected systems.

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