Solving The Top 5 Challenges Facing Design Teams in the AEC

Top 5 Challenges

Projects are getting bigger & more complex, margins are tight, & to improve profitability companies need to work smarter & more efficiently.  Projects have to be managed as one, collaboration &  communication across stakeholders seamless, routine tasks standardized & automated, & data silos eliminated allowing for information to be understood & searched, in context.

ProjectReady solves the 5 most critical challenges facing Design Teams across the AEC/O by securely connecting leading industry collaboration platforms to create powerful process management, simplified project management & project controls across systems. Giving your team a unique, competitive advantage in market.

Challenge #1

Searching for specific project content & communications

Architects & Engineers are licensed professionals who are legally responsible for the construction documents they produce. Finding content & communications is essential to make sure that there is accuracy & mitigation of litigation.

How to Solve with ProjectReady

Advanced Search

ProjectReady’s advanced SEARCH delivers the ability to search across emails, tasks, platforms, projects & content and in the context of an approved and audited series of transactions across a project, platforms and stake holders.

Cross-Platform Search

With every action captured, easily find, view & access project information, wherever it resides to easily make sense of all data & workflows across platforms.

Email Search

Email is an essential piece of a project’s communications and exchange of information.  Our Email search feature, means that emails related to a project are easy to find, secure and relevant.

Challenge #2

Maintaining effective document management & control across systems

 When building document packages for review and approval, it can be difficult to find the right documents/content because authors are working in multiple systems like SharePoint and BIM 360. Additionally, having visibility into where content packages are in the approval process per type, ball in court.

How to Solve with ProjectReady

Document Control – DCNext

ProjectReady’s intuitive document control suite works just like a shopping cart where users add content across platforms to a cart, assign to team members & send. ProjectReady automates the tracking & auditing of the approval process & reduces time spent on Document Control by 76%, ultimately reduces the risk of potential litigation and claims.

Easily assemble content for distribution and approval across SharePoint, BIM 360, PlanGrid, Procore & Box

Group & assign project documents to be approved by the appropriate team members inside & outside your organization

Track, log, & get comprehensive reporting on all document control communications across its life cycle

Cover sheets for all document packages created automatically

Maintain & preserve your audit trail

Challenge #3

Staying on top of deadlines, across multiple projects

Across a project’s lifecycle a multitude of tasks are dependent on the distribution of construction documents at different phases that span stakeholders and systems. A lack of visibility on the tasks across the portfolio of projects creates constant chaos, resource shortages and missed deadlines.

How to Solve with ProjectReady

Comprehensive Dashboards

ProjectReady is built and designed for how people think & work. Many solutions connect data & systems, but you need to connect people to that information. ProjectReady’s comprehensive dashboard surfaces key information & tasks across all the activities & different platforms used on a project:

Tasks across systems

Project financial information

Key performance indicators that let you know what needs your attention to stay on schedule

Create tasks to take action on Issues in BIM 360 & RFI’s & Submittals across PlanGrid & Procore

From ProjectReady’s own native reporting to Microsoft Power BI the information you need and can make sense of

Tracking content approvals & tasks across projects

ProjectReady delivers comprehensive reporting across all your projects and document control workflows allowing project and portfolio managers a quick way to find tasks and deliverables that need their attention. For users, all their tasks across projects are presented in their “My Week” dashboard, delivering a single view into what they need to do each day.

Easily manage tasks and deliverables across projects and systems

Have visibility across all tasks and document approvals

Track, log, and get comprehensive reporting on all document control communications across its life cycle

Deliver a full audit trail

Challenge #4

Internal & external project team collaboration

Making sure all required internal and external resources to deliver construction documents communicate and collaborate securely within the context of the project can be quite the challenge.

How to Solve with ProjectReady

Automated Security & Administration

With ProjectReady a user’s access & rights are centrally managed based on their role providing cross functional management of security across our own solution, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Box & BIM 360. Secure access & governance across platforms in a project are managed for you as team members are added & removed over a project’s lifecycle; ensuring each user has the access they need.

Relieving IT of this overhead is core to the incredible ROI we provide, reducing risk & allowing project managers to drive the process.

Microsoft Teams Integration

ProjectReady’s powerful integration with Microsoft Teams brings project communications to a whole new level. By programmatically creating a team during project setup, ProjectReady creates a project centric communication environment with the tools your team needs to collaborate (video conference, chat, access to connected systems, etc.) & a secure framework that captures it all within the project record for easy search & auditability.

ProjectReady Communications

With ProjectReady, project communication is easy. From anywhere in the system, you’re always a click away from your team allowing you to email, call or schedule meetings or have conversations in Microsoft Teams, all bound and reported against the project you’re working on.

Challenge #5

Project budgeting & managing billables

AIA contracts establish a set percentage of the overall design costs to different design teams. Breaking down the budget and managing resources against those resources is difficult if the tasks and resources are not specified and tracked.

How to Solve with ProjectReady

Task management & automation of repeatable standards

On Project Startup, have a baseline to work from to manage, edit, assign and create project tasks and deliverables. Simple to use and quick to adopt, users can enter time against their tasks and send to accounting providing a single and simple end to end way to manage your budget.

Resource & Utilization Management

ProjectReady delivers comprehensive reporting across all your tasks & deliverables allowing project & portfolio managers a way to stay on time & stay on budget. Quickly review resources & utilization across thousands of concurrent projects in a single view. Drill into individual task allocations to maintain effective use of team members, bandwidth & budget.

Scheduled assignment & management of document control tasks

Schedule in advance document control tasks

Automate the creation of project documents

Account for and bill against your teams work in document control

Integration with ERP & Accounting Systems

ProjectReady’s simple approach to integration means one or many systems can be integrated to a project. One source of truth providing a single unified, scalable taxonomy all in the context of a single project wherever data resides.

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