Staying on top of deadlines, especially across multiple projects and managing internal and external project team collaboration are just two of the unique challenges presented to Project Managers.

ProjectReady consolidates all of your project’s content and gives the manager a one pane view of all pertinent information including outstanding tasks, document-control deadlines, and powerful reporting.

The Challenge

The ChallengeDc - The Solution

The chaos of orchestrating communication and collaboration between multiple resources and systems spanning companies and phases is a unique challenge in the AEC. Lose control of any of these variables and you've failed your primary charge to deliver quality, on time and on budget all while minimizing risk.

The Solution

The SolutionDc - The Solution

A system that creates a centralized location for all your project management and communications needs, integrated with the business tools you already know how to use, providing information management and control across tools, that is also easy to learn & use.

The Result

The ResultDc - The Solution

With ProjectReady, quickly build your project, know exactly what you have to do, take action, control content across systems, and communicate across your entire team, all in the context of your project.

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