Our Mission

A note from our CEO

Born out of more than two decades of providing technology services for our clients in the AEC, ProjectReady was created with the understanding that our clients didn’t need yet one more place to store or create content. What they really needed was a simple way to bring all of a project’s content and information together as one project regardless of where content is created and stored, across phases and across a team that spans companies.

Our clients needed one place to collaborate, regardless of what systems team members needed to use to get their job done. If they could access project information and content, in context, through just a click, it would remove the incredible overhead and risk of finding and managing project content. Most importantly, all of this needed to be managed, secured, and governed throughout a project’s life cycle. They told us they needed a feature rich, but user-friendly solution to drive process, through connected workflows, across systems and people.

That’s why we created ProjectReady. Our mission was to take on the biggest challenge, risk, and expense in the industry today: Interoperability.

Purpose-built for the AEC, ProjectReady uniquely drives process over platform; to create secure and govern connected workflows, providing Design Teams and Owners collaboration through connection. We bring everything together in the context of the Project.

Built on the Microsoft Cloud, ProjectReady offers the highest return on investment available in market today. We leverage our clients existing investments in Microsoft, Autodesk, BOX, Procore, and Bluebeam. We drive value through simple, repeatable standards. Applying process over platform, ProjectReady delivers a simple, intuitive solution to the challenges document control, project management and, IT administration.

We continue to deliver on that mission, always listening to our clients and continuously adding new features and new integrations for the Industry we serve.

Our Partners

ProjectReady is a recognized innovator and thought leader within the AECO by our partners, driving close relationships and providing exclusive access to their technical teams, their emerging technologies, and account teams. These partnerships benefit everyone, most importantly our customers.


New to ProjectReady? Or just looking for some additional information? Learn more about us below.

How does ProjectReady work?

ProjectReady creates and manages repositories in users' platform of choice, so that teamwide collaboration is kept in the context of the project, and cross-platform security and governance is automated throughout the project's lifecycle.

How do I get started with ProjectReady?

To get started, schedule a quick demo so that our team can work with yours to learn more about your specific needs.

How long will it take to get up and running with ProjectReady?

In as little as two weeks, your entire team can start using ProjectReady to manage their current workflows.

How long does it take for ProjectReady to provision all my integrated systems?

Once you're set up with ProjectReady and your platforms of choice are integrated with our system, then you can build out projects with repositories automatically created, secured, and governed in just three minutes.

Would ProjectReady work for me?

If you’re interested in ProjectReady but aren’t sure if it would be the right fit for you and your team’s current workload, feel free to contact us. We'll get in touch; identify what systems your team is working in and how many projects you've got on your roster and determine if we have the answer to your needs.

What systems does ProjectReady integrate with?

Currently, ProjectReady integrates with the following systems:

  • BOX

Does ProjectReady license SharePoint, BIM 360, Box, or Procore?

No, ProjectReady does not license these systems. ProjectReady unifies competing systems to add value through connection and a streamlined workflow.

What happens if I stop using ProjectReady?

ProjectReady uses our clients existing data systems, meaning that if you discontinue use of ProjectReady, all of your project's data will continue to reside with you. However, our features for Document Control, Project Management, and Cross-Platform Security would no longer be available.

Can you provide customized training programs?

In addition to hosting an expansive LMS built for the various identities operating in ProjectReady, we also create customized training videos and host webinars to help our users get even more comfortable using ProjectReady.