Our Connectors Keep Construction Projects In Sync

From ideation to completion, the right connectors drive automatic synchronization at each stage of a project’s lifecycle and delivers the peace of mind that comes with knowing everybody is working from the most current data, designs, and information. Our project connectors and streamlined approach to automated governance eliminates the need for multiple data entry while driving greater efficiency across your project. Now, your highly skilled work force can spend less time combing through documents, logs, and files and more time building, designing, and revolutionizing the tomorrow’s built world – today.

Discover The Process Over Platform Approach To Connectivity

The built world, by its very nature, requires integrated, multi-discipline workflows to manage the continuity of projects from design and fabrication to construction and facility operation. Therefore, these multi-disciplinary teams need a way to securely communicate, collaborate, and deliver projects regardless of their chosen platforms.

Right from the beginning of your project, you can count on ProjectReady to deploy automation designed to drive process over platform among countless team members and numerous companies and systems within the context of a single project. Through a series of simple wizards and workflows, our connectors effortlessly sync project data systems, manage security, improve collaboration, and generate reports – all with the click of a mouse or a toggle of a switch.

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ProjectReady helps us save time by eliminating the time-consuming process of having to go look for the content we need.

— Harish Davanapally, Yokogawa Corporation of America

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New Project Connectors
Added Regularly

ProjectReady proudly connects the industry’s most frequently used platforms and software, and we are adding new integrations and connectors all the time. As construction technology continues to evolve, we are working alongside our customers to address their growing needs. The designers, engineers, and contractors we work with today use the following connectors, but if you are looking for something different, let us know and we will work with you to make it happen.

Why Choose Connected Construction?

Whether you are looking to manage communication across your design and build teams, you are coordinating submittals and RFIs across the project and need to ensure oversight and feedback, or you want to make sure your project is running on time and on budget – connectors make it possible. Construction teams are busy and it can be hard to coordinate information and address challenges across different software solutions. That’s why syncing project information across all platforms – simultaneously – and managing workflow and communications from a single browser, is a gamechanger.

Labor shortages, existing strains on experienced technical staff, security clearance concerns and increased instances of legal challenges make it more important than ever to work smarter (and more efficiently), not harder. For this reason, more and more teams are turning to ProjectReady as an essential tool and a trusted partner when they need to get the job done – on time, and on budget.

Want to know how our customers have used ProjectReady to remove data silos? Check out this case study to learn how AECOM has driven success by automating cross-platform security.

ProjectReady and AECOM Case Study

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