Project Managers

Project Managers in the AEC have to communicate, collaborate and manage people, tasks, and information across companies, systems, and phases.

Take Control of Your Process

Project Managers in the AEC face the complex challenge of fostering communication and collaboration between owners, design teams and construction teams on jobsites that change literally every day but often lack the tools to connect the core systems where these teams work. With ProjectReady, completing and monitoring deliverables, all while staying on top of deadlines across multiple projects and managing . You need to accomplish all of this while mitigating risk and protecting both your team’s time and your project’s budget.

The Challenge

The chaos of orchestrating communication and collaboration between multiple resources and systems spanning companies and phases is a unique challenge in the AEC. Lose control of any of these variables and you've failed your primary charge to deliver quality, on time and on budget all while minimizing risk.

The Solution

A system that creates single place for your project management and communications needs. Integrated with the tools an extended team must use but always in your control so that you can establish guidelines for the storage, distribution, and approval of content, the collaboration efforts of your team, and all the communications that are exchanged, even at the earliest stage.

The Result

Without reliance on IT, create a unified project management, collaboration, and communication space that connects a team across companies and spans the entire project life cycle. Take control of your project, your team, secure access, and view your project through a single pane of glass

A Collaborative Project Ecosystem

  • Inteligent integrations keep all content connected
  • The Project Builder automatically provisions repositories
  • Role-based security connects the right team members

Schedule and Connect Tasks to Content

  • Milestones made with content alert the team via alerts
  • The Dashboard surfaces user tasks and related content
  • Integrations guarantee consistent workflows

Make Email Actionable

  • Review and send RFIs and Submittals in email
  • Standardize and automate Transmittals and Cover Sheets
  • Assign tasks in email that reflect back in ProjectReady

Report Across Projects, Phases, and Platforms

  • Rich reporting powered by Microsoft Power BI
  • Reflects actionable data from connected systems
  • Comprehensive visuals to indicate KPIs and project health