ProjectReady 3.2 – Comprehensive Search, Submittals, PlanGrid Integration & more!

ProjectReady Version 3.2 builds on our unique feature set of securely connecting leading industry collaboration platforms to create powerful process management, simplified project management and project controls across systems

New in ProjectReady

Project Management

Project Email Management

Setup the project group email automatically. Simply drag & drop emails from outlook into the project email box. ProjectReady’s search means you can find it.

BIM 360 Issue Tasks

Automate the creation of tasks from BIM 360 issues & centrally manage in ProjectReady, providing the information you need at your fingertips without having to traverse multiple platforms.

PlanGrid Issues & RFI Integration

Find & answer PlanGrid Issues & RFI’s, directly from ProjectReady.

Document Control as Tasks

Create tasks for the creation and review of document control packages and mark as billable with a click, ensuring you don’t leave any billable activity on the table and have a full picture of time spent by resources across all the different tasks on a project.

Project Control

Comprehensive Search

The all new SEARCH from ProjectReady delivers the ability to search across emails, tasks, platforms, projects & content through a simple, modern user experience. This significantly simplifies & reduces the time spent on finding information.

Email Search
Easily find & sort through all project emails.

Cross-Platform Search
With every action captured, easily find, view & access project information, wherever it resides to easily make sense of all data & workflows across platforms.

Document Control


Completing our solution for Construction Administration is ProjectReady Submittals. Ensure all the equipment, materials and supplies being used on a project are reviewed and approved across project stakeholders and done so in a disciplined, controlled and auditable way to meet project deadlines.

PlanGrid Document Control

Connect content from PlanGrid & connected systems (BIM 360, SharePoint, Box & Procore) to create, distribute & track document control workflows.

Box Document Control

Now you can send your document control packages to Box and/or SharePoint

Extended Auditability & Collaboration

Connect multiple document control workflows together & extend your auditability

IT Administration Automation

PlanGrid Administration Automation

Build & connect PlanGrid for your project in under five minutes.

Box Administration Automation

Build, connect & drive security in Box for your project in under five minutes.

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