What is one of the biggest challenges the AEC (architecture electrical construction) industry faces today? Managing documents and approval across different systems and teams. But how do you connect everything you need with one source while still using your favorite systems? That is where ProjectReady comes in.

What is Document control? How do you control the documents in projects? As a business, you have a number of different systems and workflows. Most companies use many different platforms and methods of execution. Trying to build, manage, and track RFI, Submittal, Transmittal with content across SharePoint, BIM 360, PlanGrid, Procore, and Box, is difficult when resources are working in different siloed systems, and no one is speaking to each other. The solution is an Integrated Data Environment or IDE that brings all systems and teams together to manage project content and information centrally.

What are the undisputable benefits to running the system all together? To start, by putting everything under one metaphoric roof, it creates a seamless process visibility. There will automatically be less errors if everything is well organized and easy to get to. Less errors allows the people working in the project to keep working in the system they’re most comfortable with. Everyone wins. The overall project is easy to track, handle, and see, and the people working for the project don’t have to learn a whole new system.

Document Control workflows are essential in the AEC to track and log the approval of content, answer RFI’s and deal with change orders, but with content in different systems with their own unique workflows, how do you bring it all together? This is where ProjectReady comes in, bringing content together across platforms into a single workflow and connecting to other document control workflows. When building your document control workflow, ProjectReady provides a content cart which is a very consumer like experience where a user is able to grab content and documents from multiple locations and drop them in a cart.  It’s as easy to use as Amazon. You can select all or some documents and send them to one or as many people as you’d like, in a click and publish that approved content to your system of choice (SharePoint, BIM 360, Procore). All the time and energy it would normally take to organize and send out numerous selected contents, can be done in minutes.