Unify Workplaces

At the start of your project, a unique project ID ties everything together, unifying the platforms your extended team uses to get their job done.

Simplify Workflows

A retail experience to upload, package, and share content—available from ProjectReady and your platform of choice—makes it easy to keep everything in line with the project ID.

Standardize Security

Automated security and governance across multiple projects and phases address access to content at the individual and industry level, so that the right member of your team always has the right permissions.

Connect Tasks to Content

Tasks made in your platform of choice reflect on the project site, on a user’s dashboard, where they can prioritize what they have to get done, with all related content only a click away.

Document Control

ProjectReady provisions end-to-end document control in your platforms of choice with DCNext, cutting the time it takes to find, preview, send, and track content.

Whether you’re working in the project site in ProjectReady, collaborating in Outlook or Teams, or creating in your Autodesk or Box cloud, DCNext keeps them unified with the project ID, so that collateral, tasks, and approvals are connected from the start.

And DCNext makes document control as simple as adding your content to a cart, with cover sheets and transmittals prepared automatically, and available to the right members of your team.

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