White Paper Introduction:

The Integrated Data Environment (IDE) is the next stage in the evolution of project communications to consume, manage, and deliver project information across the various stake holders, actors, phases, and common data environments (CDE) in any project. The objective of an Integrated Data Environment is to securely connect data from inception to conclusion and hand-off, while providing a centralized communications layer that delivers search, auditing and reporting within a single application and common user experience in the context of a single project, regardless of phase, actor or where data resides.

Our industry has seen significant investment in ConTech solutions over the past few years to drive innovation and integration. However, while the results have helped unify point solutions and phase based CDEs, the efforts only yielded incremental progress on interoperability between CDEs and platforms. With a forward vision of realizing a more distributed & collaborative design process leading to increased usage of industrialized construction and ultimately a digital twin that drives value for owners over the lifespan of the building, our industry must focus on improving interoperability.

This paper will outline the necessary steps the AEC/O industry needs to take to improve interoperability and project communication
through the Integrated Data Environment.

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