Bring Together Project Platforms For Better Control, Greater Profitability, & Reduced Risk

Automated Setup

Your team’s unique tools need to be set-up. We do that without the burden of having to bring in the technical experts. Instead of waiting days to get your system up and running, we’ll set you up in a matter of minutes.

Cross-Platform Governance

Knowing that the right people have the right access to the right information is essential to the integrity of your project. We’ve fully automated this governance to ensure peace of mind at every step.

System Synchronization

Easily map folders, documents, data, and more across different project management systems to ensure that everybody is working from the most recent version of a document at any given time.

Connected Dashboards

Log into your connected dashboard and start managing all elements of your project in a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Document Control Workflow

Sharing, responding, collaborating on documents, like RFIs and submittals across teams and platforms has never been easier. Procore BIM 360 collaboration has never been easier.

Project Management

Assign, track and manage your team more effectively and measure and report progress against vital KPIs instantly.

“ProjectReady allows our entire staff to better communicate with clients and consultants and to break down barriers that limit collaboraion and the free flow of data and ideas.”

Alec Luong, AIA, RID, CM – Principal – McLemore Luong

How ProjectReady Helps Design & Build Professionals Do More With Less

  • Advanced cross-platform governance
  • Intuitive multi-platform document control solutions
  • Superior Microsoft 365 integration
  • Simplified search across systems like Procore, BIM 360, SharePoint, and email
  • Complete control of content throughout the project – and retain access to content after close-out
  • Seamless approval workflow processes, submittal workflow template designs, and intuitive user interface designed to accelerate resolutions as challenges arise
  • Empowered decision-making rooted in real-time data collection and reporting
  • Build project submittals quickly and route the content to the right people with pre-set admin level permissions that streamline the approval workflow

By empowering architects, engineers, contractors, and owners with timely and contextual information within a centralized location, promoting collaboration throughout the entire project, and managing workflows more efficiently, we’ve reduced the time organizations typically spend wrestling with time management and document control processes by 76% – and we’re only getting started.

Making Connections that Build Our World

ProjectReady works to help people create connections through collaboration. We do this by bringing together the tools and platforms you work with every day, like Procore, BIM 360, ACC, and SharePoint.

Stop working in silos and start bridging your workflows across our ever-expanding network of integrated network of the industry’s leading platforms.

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