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Are you tired of relying on legacy solutions that deliver sub-par results? Stop wasting time digging through programs, files, and documents to fulfill requests, compile reports, and maintain continuity among your design and build teams and enjoy the confidence of knowing that everybody is working from the most current information at any given time. 

Collaborative construction information project management should, at its core, deliver fast and easy set-up, secure, and synchronization capabilities. ProjectReady Central delivers. Read on to learn about the features included in ProjectReady Central.

ProjectReady Central Features 

Expand each section to learn more about ProjectReady Central’s set-up, secure, and sync features. 

Set Up

Setting up your next construction project doesn’t have to drain your team’s resources. Whether you use a few programs or many across each phase of the project’s lifecycle, ProjectReady Central makes set-up as simple as flipping a switch from off to on. 

We’ve developed an innovative approach to construction project set-up that empowers managers to take ownership of the project set-up phase and significantly reduces the burden traditionally placed on your IT professionals. By combining simplicity with intuitive programming, your next construction project can be set up in a matter of minutes – not hours or days.  

Learn more about our approach to process over platform. Click here to schedule your risk-free demonstration.


As your project managers, vendors, subcontractors, and others come on to the project and leave, you have the added burden of maintaining security that’s always in flux. Depending on the size and scope of your project, this basic function could take days. 

ProjectReady innovative approach to team member credentialing and management takes the time spent on construction project security close to zero, which means they can spend less time chasing down credentials, permissions, and potential vulnerabilities across the platforms in play on your project, and more time doing work that actually moves the needle.

If you would like to see ProjectReady’s dashboard at work, click here and schedule your free demo today.


How confident are you that your entire team is working from the most current information? Are you certain that your general contractor received the current instructions your engineer over this morning? And, if something went wrong, would you be able to find out what was missed during the communication phase?  

By baking synchronization directly into the project from the very beginning, ProjectReady eliminates the worry associated with information management. This way, your team members always privy to the most current version of every document across the entire project.  

You can’t afford to leave anything to chance on the job site, this includes the integrity of your project information management process. Automate the synchronization of construction information across your project today. Click here to request a risk-free, no obligation ProjectReady Central demonstration today. 

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Find Out How You Can Set-Up, Secure, & Sync Your Next Construction Project

Whether you’re an owner, an IT professional, a general contractor, or any other essential construction project team member, ProjectReady Central gives you more access to your project information than ever before, while unlocking unparalleled security and greater control. If you’re ready to see this incredible solution in action, schedule your no-cost, risk-free demonstration today.